XBI Argan Brightening Soap 7oz

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XBI Argan Oil Brightening Soap with Oatmeal, Olive Oil & Hydroquinone 7oz.Made from Real Oat Flakes, XBI?? Argan Oil Brightening Soap delivers a unique mixture to enhance your facial beauty. In combination with Hydroquinone, Argan Oil, and Olive Oil, this excellent skin lightening and brightening soap gradually fades skin discolorations and brightens dull damamged skin while keeping your skin smooth, moisturized and radiant. If used in combination with XBI?? Strong Bleaching Cream, Gel, Lotion or Serum amazing results can be obtained. Go ahead treat yourself ???????Eliminate all Facial Spots & Give your skin that Youthful Glow it once had with XBI????????? Use the brand professionals trust, ???????Use XBI???????Always build up a good lather. Use daily as a facial and body bath soap. Use twice daily to brighten areas of discolored dull skin tone.