Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curl. Curling Iron

  • $34.99

To create flawless curls with gorgeous shine and staying power, the professional-grade Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Gold Curl with a .75 barrel is the tool of choice for salon professionals. This curling iron distributes heat perfectly to create beautiful, long-lasting curls. Equipped with adjustable temperature control up to 430F as well as an extra-long cool tip and insulated thumb grip to ensure comfort and control.

What It Does:

.creates gorgeous ringlets and delivers incredible shine and staying power.

What Else You Need To Know:

Adjustable temperature control; quickly heats up to 430F

Locking temperature dial for safe operation

Includes a free easy-to-replace spring for tool longevity

Extra-long cool tip and insulated thumb grip ensure comfort and total control

How To Use:

Press the power button once to turn on. To adjust the heat setting, press the temperature dial to allow it to pop out.

Turn the dial to your desired heat setting and push t