Nuspa Peppermint Sea Salt Scalp Scrub, Natural Scalp Exfoliator, Dandruff Dry Scalp Treatment with Moisturizing Jojoba Oil and Avocado Oil, Cruelty-free - 100ml/3.52fl.oz

  • $7.99

Main Ingredient:
Sea salt + mint essential oil

Deep cleaning, antibacterial and mite removal, cool and oil control, anti-itching and dandruff

Suitable for :
Apply twice a week for oily hair and once a week for neutral and dry scalps.

Solved pain points:
excessive oil, accumulation of dandruff, hair follicle blockage

1) Wet the hair and apply the paste to the roots
2) Gently rub until blistered and apply to scalp
3) Rinse with clean water and nourish hair with conditioner or hair treatment mask